Driving School 2016

Driving School 2016

So, you want to learn to drive but you don't want to shell out for lessons? In that case why not try out Driving School 2016. A fun game/app that can teach you the basics of driving.

When starting the game for the first time you get the option of several different modes: Multiplayer, Career and Free Ride. The mode I toyed with today was the Free Ride mode hoping it would get me into the action quickly and driving a car.

You get to choose from a variety of different cars all with the usual variations in Power, Torque, Traction, Weight and more. Cars can be unlocked by earning experience points (XP).

So far, so good!

Once a car and map has been selected its time to get driving! Once loaded you get some helpful popups describing the controls then you're off.

The idea is to follow the arrows around on the ground until you reach your objective being careful to observe all the rules of the road such as stopping at red lights, indicating and driving on the correct side of the road!

Those coming at this game with a history of arcade racers will soon find themselves mounting the curb as I did pretty much straight away!

One of the claims of the developers is "Realistic Damage". I found little to show this to be true as I spent quite some time trying to cause damage to the front of the car. That said, Driving School 2016 aims to be a serious "Learning to Drive" simulator and in all the important aspects of that I think it succeeds.

It gets my thumbs up as it's free to download with the usual in-app purchases for those that need the upgrades.

Magic App Store rating: 7/10